Please review the following frequently asked questions addressing a few key factors that should be considered when choosing the right nail salon for you, especially if you have toenail fungus and other severe nail or foot health aliments:

How do I know if a salon is safe to get nail services?

Follow your instincts and observations. Look around, what do you see, smell, or hear? Make sure the environment and technician’s practices are hygienic. Are they cleaning their implements after each use? Look for clearly displayed licenses. Make sure the air is clean and free of strong chemical odors with good ventilation and fresh air circulating throughout the salon. Check that the pedicure thrones are being sanitized after each client. You should always do a little research to see what customers are saying about the salon in online reviews.

Can I use home remedies for foot fungus if I’ve had symptoms for more than 3 months?

No. It is not recommended. Foot fungus should be addressed as soon as you realize something is wrong (i.e. toenails look discolored, you feel pain, and they’re red or swollen or just feels different). You should be diagnosed by a Podiatrist. Fungus becomes more difficult to cure the longer you have it.

Why does fungus reoccur?

Several reasons. Not being consistent with prescribed medications is the main reason in addition to the inside of your shoes being a cozy environment for fungus to grow. If you do not wear socks or have sweaty feet this can contribute to fungus coming back.

Is it okay to store nail files and buffers in a storage box for RE-USE at my nail salon?

No. According to NY state board of cosmetology these items should be disposed after each use. You should receive a new file and buffer each visit. Storing these items in a box can lead to bacteria buildup.

Is it safe for Diabetics to get spa pedicures?

Yes. However, when servicing a diabetic client a pedicurist must be able to identify their condition by carefully assessing their toenails and skin and asking specific questions to pinpoint the right level of care. CMP or M-ANT’s are trained to do just that. It is very important to determine if the level of service is in your scope of practice or if you need to refer a client to a podiatrist for specialized medical care.