JUMP START YOUR NAIL CAREER TODAY! Are You Ready to Kick Start Your Nail Career or Enhance Your Nail Business? Join me & get all the steps you need with my Advanced Nail Boot Camp Courses and learn how to BUILD your nail career into a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS. 

Courses Available:

  1. Nail Boot Camp: Online Study Course to help you BUILD your nail career into a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS
  2. NY/NJ State Board Preparation: Practical & Written
  3. State Board Prep : Practical Only
  4. State Board Prep : Written Only
  5. Nail Comprehensive Course

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You Will Learn! 

  • You will: Use the Nail Boot Camp Online Study guide to get your nail license 
  • I will: Prepare you for the State Board Exams Written & Practical
  • You will: Gain the Skills needed with our extensive Training Workshops
  • You will Learn: Manicure & Pedicures
  • You will Learn: Nail Enhancements (Hard Gel & Acrylics)
  • You will Learn: Advance Nail Art Techniques
  • You will Learn: Swarovski Crystal Application & be Certified
  • You will Learn: Nail Care and product knowledge
  • You will Learn: How to schedule reoccurring appointments to increase your revenue
  • You will Learn: Business 101 - Starting your own business
  • You will Learn: Marketing Your Business to Maximize your clientele 
  • You will Learn: Social Media 101
  • With all these learnt skills I will teach you How to BUILD your nail career into a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS

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